The Rise of Linen Fabric in Aussie Homes

Aside from faithful mass-produced cotton, linen is the most popular textile in Australia. Every year, particularly before summer, people flock to buy linen fabric online in Australia. But why is one of the oldest materials in the world a consistent favourite in Australian homes? As a supplier of high-quality discount linen, East Coast Fabrics decided to read up on the fabric to understand why it holds such appeal to Australian fashion influencers.

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The Versatility of Linen

One of the first things you notice about linen is its sheer versatility. There isn’t much linen can’t do!

  • Sheet sets, quilts, and pillowcases. Linen has been a popular textile for bedding dating back hundreds of years. Its luxury feel, durability, and lightweight fibres make linen sheeting fabric in Australia ideal.
  • Table cloths, serviettes, and placemats. If you’ve ever been to a resort hotel, you’ve likely dined upon a linen table setting. The fibres make it easier to remove stains, therefore making the perfect table cloths.
  • Clothing for the whole family. Linen’s bohemian qualities, breathability, and durability make it a fantastic textile for apparel. Although linen creases easily, it’s one of the few fabrics that gains character from imperfections.
    Household items. Linen’s natural tones make for the perfect upholstery, lampshades, canvases, and curtains. It gives any home a seemingly more relaxed, vacation-by-the-beach feel.

Why Do People Want To Buy Linen Fabric Online In Australia

If the versatility of linen wasn’t enough of a reason behind the textile’s popularity, let’s dive into a few more reasons why more people buy linen online in Australia.

  • Its perceived luxury. Linen has a reputation for being a luxurious textile, and it often has a price tag to match. Linen’s perceived luxuriousness isn’t a new phenomenon, either. For centuries people have seen linen as a luxury product. Even ancient Egyptians wrapped their dead kings and queens in linen bandages as a symbol of their wealth.
  • It’s the strongest natural fibre in the world. Linen is 30% stronger and thicker than cotton. Its durability makes the investment worthwhile, as when cared for, linen items can last for decades.
  • Linen is sustainable. Linen comes from the flax plant, which can grow well in poor soil; poor conditions, with little water, and don’t need pesticides or chemicals. Flax isn’t just harvested for linen; the whole plant is used to make linseed oil, flaxseed for human consumption, and food for livestock amongst other uses. As linen is an all-natural fibre, it is biodegradable and will not pollute the earth in the same way as human-made textiles.
  • It’s incredibly practical in Australia. Linen is even more climate-friendly than cotton, keeping us all cool in the summer months. The fabric dries out faster than other materials, so bacteria and moisture can’t linger on its surface.
  • It promotes a lifestyle. For those wanting to unplug and disconnect to live a more carefree bohemian lifestyle, linen exemplifies that lifestyle perfectly. It’s eco-friendly; practical nature makes it the go-to textile for free spirits.
  • Linen genuinely looks good in any context. Whether you have natural tones of linen in cream, brown, and grey or you opt for dyed linens in mustard, olive, or orange, linen transforms homes and makes them look incredible.

Brighten Your World: How Colourful Linens Can Transform Your Home

If you’re still on the fence about whether to buy linen fabric in Australia, allow the team at East Coast Fabrics to show you how linens can completely change your home. Oh, and the best part? You don’t have to buy mass-produced linen products. We stock high-quality linen fabric at affordable prices so that you can create luxurious linen products at home!

  • Curtains. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to brighten up your living space, try replacing your current curtains or blinds with a gorgeous stone or oatmeal coloured linen. Linen curtains give your home an automatic coastal feel by allowing in dimmed natural light whilst still maintaining your privacy. Get a great pattern for curtains here.
  • Bedding. Linen sheeting fabric in Australia is so popular, and when you see how incredible they look, it’s not hard to understand why. Plus, you’ll adore your linen sheets come summertime, as you’ll no longer be tossing and turning cursing the heat. If you’re looking to create a sheet and duvet set, an eye-catching look is mustard yellow paired with dusty pink? We’ve got a simple pattern for sheets and a duvet that will leave your guests wanting a set of their own.
  • Table runner. Often people go straight for a tablecloth, overlooking the simplicity and elegance of a high-quality table runner. If you have a gorgeous wooden table setting, a linen table runner in a navy blue or sage green can enhance the earthy feel of the dining room. Get an easy pattern for a table runner here.

Why Buy Linen Fabric Online In Australia From East Coast Fabrics?

It’s not hard to understand why linen is such a popular textile in Australia. It’s versatile, durable, luxurious, and offers a carefree air to any room. If you’re looking to buy linen online in Australia, East Coast Fabrics have you covered. We offer a vast range of high-quality, affordable linen perfect for creating clothing, accessories, and homewares. We’ve been in the business of supplying Australians with premium discount fabrics for years, and we’re renowned for our low prices, quality textiles, and excellent customer service. We also offer AfterPay for those looking to craft now and pay later. If you’re ready to begin creating luxury linen products at home, head to East Coast Fabrics’ online store today and browse our wide range of linen fabrics. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.

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