Create Something to Last Forever: How to Select Timeless Quilting Fabric
Quilting has always been a prevalent pastime, but as of late, its popularity has soared. More people than ever are learning how to make their very own quilts at home. So, the team at East Coast Fabrics thought we’d share our favourite tips for creating a timeless piece using quilting fabric online in Australia.

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How to Choose High-Quality Quilting Fabric Online In Australia
To create something you know will be passed down for generations, you’ll want to find premium- quality quilting fabric online.Choose cotton where you can. Cotton is not only one of the easiest fabrics with which to quilt, but it’s also lightweight and breathable. East Coast Fabrics have a massive range of cotton patchwork fabric online in Australia in a range of different designs.
Shop somewhere reputable. If you can, buy quilting fabric online from a retailer with an excellent reputation for providing excellent quality materials. Oh, and don’t pay ridiculous amounts of money when you can buy discount quilt fabric online that is of the same quality as the expensive stuff.
Make sure the colours and dyes used are high-quality. If your quilting fabric is low-quality, often the dye will run and streak, ruining the rest of your quilt. You can check to see if the dye is going to run by assessing whether it’s streaky or bleeding at all. If you’re buying your quilting supplies online, you can always contact the store and ask for advice.

How to Create Timelessness When Buying Quilting Fabric Online in Australia
Now, if you’re looking to make something timeless, you’re going to want to buy quilting fabric online in Australia with classic prints and colours. Try to avoid fleeting trends and, if it’s for a child, franchise prints. Instead, look at including;

Low-volume fabric. Low volume fabrics simply refer to prints that are lighter in colour with a secondary design that is also light in colour. They’re low impact and are often paired with high contrast prints to make them stand out.
Colours and patterns you love. ‘Timeless’ is not synonymous with ‘boring’. You can be very playful in the colours and patterns you choose while still designing something that will hold sentimental value.
A base print. If you choose one print you adore, you can select other prints to compliment your primary print. Get creative with it and choose a bold base fabric.
Prints from the same hue. While the colours don’t have to match precisely, you can create an eye-grabbing quilt by sticking to either warm colours or cool colours.
Use a neutralising print/colour. If your quilt is looking a little noisy, pick a neutralising print to give the eye a rest. However, this doesn’t have to be white, grey, or black. You can use one of the colours you’ve used throughout your quilt. Just make sure you choose something with fewer patterns and use it liberally to break up the quilt.
Play with texture. Quilting gives you the freedom to let your creativity run free. You can do whatever you’d like with your quilt, so play with clashing textures and patterns and find what works for you.

Techniques to Create a Quilt to Last Forever
There are a few quilting techniques to master that will help your quilt stand the test of time. Before buying your cheap quilting fabric in Australia, consider learning the following;

How to sew borders onto your quilt. Borders provide a lovely frame for your patchwork quilt, but they also help to correct any uneven edges you may have within the quilt.
Learn how to sew a ¼ inch seam. This technique isn’t too hard to learn with a little bit of practice, but if you’re used to sewing ⅝ seams, it may take some getting used to. We’d suggest practising on scraps before attempting it on your quilt.
Don’t try machine sewing unless you’re confident. If you know your way around a sewing machine, you can probably attempt quilting straight off the bat. However, if you’ve never really had to use a machine before, you might want to start your foray into quilting by hand stitching. Yes, it will take longer, but you’ll have more opportunity for accuracy. Plus, if you make an error, there won’t be as much thread to unpick.

When Buying Quilting Fabric Online In Australia, Choose East Coast Fabrics
Quilting is such a fun hobby, and at the end, you have a finished quilt that can be passed through your family for generations. At East Coast Fabrics, we understand the desire to create something sentimental, so we have the highest quality quilting fabric for sale in Australia. We’re renowned for our excellent customer service, and we love any opportunity to share tips and tricks with fellow crafts-lovers out there. We also offer AfterPay for those looking to craft now and pay later. If you’re in the market for premium-quality yet cheap quilting fabric in Australia, head to East Coast Fabric’s online store and browse our extensive range. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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