The Virtues of Cotton Fabric in Australia

Cotton is one of the most popular textiles in Australia. So many designers choose to work with cotton fabric in Australia, and when you look at the virtues of this beautiful material, it’s not hard to see why. At East Coast Fabrics, we pride ourselves on our vast range of cheap cotton fabric online because we understand exactly why so many people choose to work with cotton over any other materials.

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Why Buy Cotton Fabric In Australia?

There are so many reasons why people buy cotton fabric in Australia, so let us run you through a couple right here.

  • Versatility. You can make almost anything from high-quality cotton material. There are quite a few different kinds of cotton blends, so make sure you understand the variety you’re buying. Some popular cotton fabrics in Australia are:
    • 100% cotton
    • Cotton jersey
    • Cotton drill
    • Cotton lawn
    • Brushed cotton
    • Chambray


  • Easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner at sewing or you’ve been around for a while, cotton is easy to handle and simple to sew.
  • Lightweight and breathable. Sewers buy cotton fabric online for its comfort all year round. Cotton absorbs moisture and releases it on the surface of the fabric, making it perfect for sweaty summer months. When cotton remains dry, however, the fibres retain body heat, making it an excellent material for winter clothing as well.
  • Easy to maintain. Many people buy cotton fabric online due to its low maintenance appeal. Most cotton garments are machine washable and are often fine in a tumble dryer.

The Many Uses of Cotton Fabric in Australia

One of the best things about discount cotton fabric is that you can make almost anything with it. Only your imagination is the limit, so here are some fun ideas for your next project with cotton.

  • Quilting. Quilting is such a popular pastime and is often the perfect introduction to the world of sewing. Cotton quilts are perfect for Australian summers and winters alike.
  • Apparel. Whether you’re sewing men’s, women’s, or kid’s clothing, cotton makes for an incredibly versatile fabric that looks great and feels comfortable. 100% cotton and chambray are two incredibly popular dress fabrics in Australia, beloved for their breathability.
  • Curtains. If you’re looking to make a living space look a little personalised, try making some curtains with cotton fabric online. This lightweight fabric will allow the breezes to flow through gently whilst simultaneously dimming the room from harsh natural light.
  • Accessories. Tote bags, scrunchies, or handkerchiefs; you name it, and you can probably make it from cotton fabric online. Accessories are an incredibly straightforward place to start if you’re just beginning to sew.
  • Facemasks. If you’re looking for facemasks that match your outfits, why not make your own from cheap cotton fabric online? East Coast Fabrics have so many playful prints with which you’ll fall in love. Plus, there are plenty of free patterns available online, so get crafting!

Tips for Working with Cotton Fabric in Australia

Despite being one of the simplest fabrics with which to work, cotton does have its trickier elements. Here are East Coast Fabric’s top tips to sewing with cotton.

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight. Cotton tends to weaken with exposure to heat and sunlight, so if you’re storing discount cotton fabric, keep it in a darker spot.
  • Wash your fabric before sewing with it. Some fabric blends are finished with starch to keep it neat and easy to cut in-store. Wash your fabric before using it to remove any starch, and make sure you iron your fabric to get rid of any wrinkles before you cut it.
  • Understand the blend before sewing. Each cotton blend behaves differently and drapes differently, so it’s essential to understand the specific combination you’ll be using. For example, 100% cotton doesn’t hold its shape for too long, so if you’re looking for something that will bounce back wear after wear, and choose a blend with elasticity.

When Buying Cotton Fabric in Australia, Choose East Coast Fabrics

East Coast Fabrics are your go-to store for high-quality discount fabric online. No matter what you’re creating, our online store will have the perfect cotton blend for you at an affordable price, so you can get to crafting sooner. With years of experience in supplying textiles and materials, East Coast Fabrics has become a local favourite for discounted fabric, affordable shipping, and premium customer service. If you’re looking to use a cotton blend for your next project, make sure you have a browse through East Coast Fabric’s wide range of cheap cotton fabric online today!

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