Are you bored with your interior and planning to transform your space without hurting your pocket? 

If yes, we will supply you with the best upholstery fabric in Australia.  

Revamping existing furniture with new fabrics is a quick way to light up your place and give a budget makeover to your home.

Fabrics can be confusing when you have multiple choices and ideas dominating your mind. However, some basic knowledge can help you choose the best designer upholstery fabric to break the monotony of life by adding some fresh new colors. Check out this article to discover some interesting facts about fabric selection for your furniture:

Prioritize Quality Over Anything

Aesthetics are appealing, but strength is essential. Don’t let Instagram or Pinterest dominate your mind, and focus on the quality of the fabric before anything else. Your living room is where you make memories with your kids and friends, and furniture is not merely a showpiece that is kept safe on a shelf. It has to undergo physical damage and emotional conflicts. Therefore, choosing a durable upholstery fabric is necessary to give a long life to your furniture and keep it safe from your kids and pets. If you are skeptical about your choice, consider doing an abrasion test. Choose more than 15000 for personal use. If your furniture is more exposed to wear and tear, choose a higher rating for the abrasion test.

Consider Your Room

The first thing to consider before choosing your fabric is the current decor of your room. You can find a color to blend in with the existing colors of your room or pick a contrasting fabric to stand out. Neglecting your current home decor can create a mess and turn things in the wrong direction. Therefore, be specific about your choice and visualize everything before acting on it.

Check for the Frame

You will get an endless choice of fabrics for every budget. However, consider your sofa frame before choosing an appropriate sofa fabric for your living room. It is essential to consider the design of your sofa because what looks good on a traditional sofa frame might not look appropriate on a modern one.  

Choice of Patterns

Selecting fabrics for furniture is even more difficult than choosing textiles for garments. It’s because there is no room for mistakes when your home aesthetics are at risk. You can’t take a chance and do many experiments while choosing a designer upholstery fabric. If you have a small living room, choose your fabric patterns carefully. Large fabric patterns can overpower a small place and vice-versa. 

Pick Right Colors

Colors have a significant impact on our perspectives and lives. The colors of your living room influence your mood and create a first impression on your guests when they visit your place. That’s why your choice of colors can drastically impact the feel and vibe of your living room. Think about your preference and the mood, and pick the color theme accordingly. You can be dramatic or subtle while choosing your designer upholstery fabrics. You can also invest in carpets, throws, and cushions to complete the look.

You can choose a color that doesn’t bore you quite soon and keep it up to your expectations. If you’re particular about seasons, you can set a different tone for a different season. Otherwise, you can keep it on budget and choose a color suitable for all seasons.

Now as you know the basics, you’re ready to bring a change and uplift your living space with a designer upholstery fabric. At East Coast Fabrics, we will help you choose the best designer upholstery fabric at an affordable price. We have a large range of designer upholstery fabric available in Australia.